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SOE “UKRSPYRT” Rebooting

SOE “UKRSPYRT” Rebooting

In September 2017, Yuriy Luchechko was appointed to the position of acting Director of SOE “UKRSPYRT” upon application of the trade union to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The enterprise was in critical condition.

In the short period, a new team under the leadership of Luchechko managed to introduce effective mechanisms of enterprise management and develop a strategy for the industry development.

The main elements of the strategy are production diversification, modernization, energy efficiency, optimization of management and transparent procurement.

Thus, in the 4th quarter of 2017, more than 51 million UAH were saved on the procurement of the raw material and energy sources.

In 2018, 80% of the grain of “UKRSPYRT” is supplied by direct producers.

In 2018, savings on purchases were:

  • 66.26 million UAH for grain from the beginning of the year
  • 17.97 million UAH on gas purchase
  • 37.7 million UAH on equipment purchases

For the period from September 2017 to August 2018, progress has been made in increase of the volume of commodity products to 1 billion 889.9 million UAH, which is 14.7 million UAH over the level for similar periods of the previous years.

During 2017-2018, the SOE “UKRSPYRT” restored production capacity for its own high-quality vodka “Nasha Volya”, “Starozhytnya”.

From December 2017, the Ukrainian state vodka is exported to Germany.

The network of national alcoholic beverages stores “National product” was opened.

The SOE “UKRSPYRT” ended 2017 year with a profit of 12.1 million UAH. The amount of increased profits during this period (September 2018) is over 55 million UAH.

As a result of the strategy implementation, the company will be able to additionally manufacture the readily marketable product in an amount of up to 5 billion UAH and accordingly pay taxes in an amount of up to 1 billion UAH. But this should be supported at the legislative level.

For the further existence of the domestic alcohol industry, it is necessary that the corresponding draft laws be adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:

On the introduction of a legislative moratorium on the collection of tax debts accumulated in 2010-2014 by the officials in respect of whom the criminal proceedings are currently initiated.

Differentiation of excise tax rates for the potable and industrial alcohol. Such rate is applied in all our neighbors, in particular, in the European Union. Consequently, the alcohol-containing products in Ukraine pass the customs clearance at reduced rates and this does not make it possible to support the national producer (draft laws No. 6649, No. 6650).

Obligation to add bioethanol in fuel. Ukraine joined this directive in 1996, but still fails to perform it (draft law No. 7348).

Introduction of an electronic excise stamp in accordance with the blockchain technology. This minimizes the counterfeit product market and automates the control of the retail alcohol market.

Дата: 27.09.2018
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