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“National product” is the quality guaranteed by the state.

The SOE “UKRSPYRT” officially opened a network of national alcoholic beverages stores “National Product”.

This happened in accordance with the approved strategic plan for enterprise development.

Events on the occasion of the opening were held in Kyiv at the “Mega City” mall, Kharkivske Shose Str., 19.

4 more stores of the “National product” network were opened this day at the addresses: Stetsenka Str. 19, Yerevanska Str. 9, Kudryashova Str. 18a, Mykilsko-Slobidska Str. 2v. The enterprise plans to expand the network of stores throughout Ukraine in the near future.

During 2017-2018, the SOE “UKRSPYRT” restored production capacity for its own high-quality vodka. From December 2017, the Ukrainian state vodka is exported to Germany.

Our goal is to restore trust in domestic brands, to offer the buyer a quality guaranteed by the state.

More than 150 domestic brands of the highest guaranteed quality, including own-produced goods of Lutsk Business Site will be presented at the “National product” stores.

Yuriy Luchechko, acting Director of SOE “UKRSPYRT”

These successive steps that we have taken since September 2017 are the reflection of the fact that the company demonstrates good dynamics towards the growth and popularization of domestic brands and the restoration of trust in the state-owned enterprise. This is our initiative, which is aimed today at slogan “buy Ukrainian”, this is our contribution to the development of the Ukrainian industry.

Oleksiy Doroshenko, the Director General of the Association of Distribution Network Suppliers, said that this is unusual news when a conservative company such as “SOE “UKRSPYRT” enters the market with an interesting offer:

“The state should stimulate primarily the sale and payment of taxes and excise duty of the Ukrainian products.”

Yuriy Luchechko, acting Director

SOE “UKRSPYRT”: “Our goal is to popularize the Ukrainian product in the domestic market and outside the country. For the time being, a third batch of vodka has been sent to Germany for export. It is also planned to enter the British market.


Дата: 03.08.2018
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