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Focus on energy efficiency and saving technologies

Focus on energy efficiency and saving technologies

A meeting was held at the SOE “UKRSPYRT” with representatives of the German company Agraferm and the Czech company TEDOM, which operate in the area of the renewable energy and environmentally friendly saving technologies.

Agraferm Technologies designs the professional biogas production equipment based on anaerobic digestion for generation of the biomethane (renewable natural gas).

The Czech company TEDOM produces cogeneration units for the efficient and ecological use of energy resources.

The equipment of Agraferm Technologies uses more than 100 types of raw materials for the biogas production. Agraferm Technologies has built units in 20 countries.

The basis is recycled wastes of alcohol production with the maximum use of varieties of raw materials: both molasses and distiller’s grain.

The meeting is of great significance for the SOE “UKRSPYRT” with regard to modernization of the enterprise, introduction of energy-efficient technologies and rational use of the production wastes.


Дата: 10.04.2018
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