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The SOE “UKRSPYRT” signed the memorandum of cooperation with the Chinese company Beijing HUAFU Engeneering Co., Ltd.

On September 10, 2018, the SOE “UKRSPYRT”, the State Finance Institution for Innovations and the Chinese company Beijing HUAFU Engeneering Co., Ltd. signed the memorandum of cooperation for modernization of Lopatyn, Storonybabsky and Sukhodoly Business Sites. Beijing HUAFU Engeneering Co., Ltd. specializes in integrated engineering and technical solutions for the mechanical engineering and processing industry.

Shortly before, the parties visited the mentioned production sites and exchanged technical protocols on their possible modernization. Only through the introduction of energy-saving technologies, the gas consumption may be reduced by 2-3 times. This will have significant impact on the net cost of the finished products and make them competitive on foreign markets.

In accordance with the company’s development strategy, the SOE “UKRSPYRT” intends to diversify production and produce bioethanol and biofuel. The strategy realization requires the implementation of domestic legislation in the EU legislation. The legislative initiatives have been transferred by the SOE “UKRSPYRT” to the interdepartmental working group on the alcohol industry development under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The company has already received all the necessary certificates of quality required by the state standards. This will reduce the country’s dependence on Russian oil products and the risks of reducing the consumption of potable alcohol by the alcohol product manufacturers. After all, in 2017, about 2 million decalitres of alcohol-containing technical liquids and 9.5 million decalitres of methanol were imported to Ukraine for the needs of the gas extraction industry. While the products and facilities of the Ukrainian productions are not fully used. For comparison, in 2017, the SOE “UKRSPYRT” produced 9.1 million decalitres of alcohol with the technical capacity to produce up to 30 million decalitres per year. And this is 10-15 additional operating production sites, counteraction of the labour outflows to the European countries and about 1 billion of taxes paid to the budgets of all levels. In addition, the production of domestic industrial alcohol and liquids is hampered by the lack of regulated legislation and lobbyists of the shadow market.

Дата: 27.09.2018
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