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The taste-testers appreciated the quality of alcohol

The taste-testers appreciated the quality of alcohol

A regular meeting of the Specialized Industry Taste Panel of the State-owned Enterprise of alcohol and liquor industry “UKRSPYRT” was held today for the evaluation of alcohol quality.

The panel resumed its work by order of the acting Director of SOE “UKRSPYRT” Yuriy Luchechko in December 2017.

The panel included highly qualified specialists of domestic distilling companies, an independent scientific institution – State Scientific Institution “UkrNDispirtbioprod” and specialists of the SOE “UKRSPYRT”.

The head of the quality control department of the SOE “UKRSPYRT”, Lyudmyla Onischenko, was elected as chairman of the panel.

Meetings of the Specialized Industry Taste Panel of SOE “UKRSPYRT” are the working process for obtaining an objective evaluation of the quality of finished products intended for the production of alcoholic beverages, as well as feedback from consumers for taking into account in further production activities.

Thus, during the meeting the members of the panel - representatives of the vodka industry and independent expert Zoya Kravchuk made comments on the need to update the basic regulatory documents which set the technical requirements for alcohol content and methods for its control by amending the national standards DSTU 4221, DSTU 4181.

It was noted that SOE “UKRSPYRT” has already initiated the development of such amendments at its own expense. The agreement has already been signed with the State Scientific Institution “UkrNDispirtbioprod” for the development of amendments to the State Standard of Ukraine (DSTU) and the development of terms of reference has been initiated, the development of which will take into account the wishes and comments of alcohol-producing companies, manufacturers of liquor products, branch scientific institution, as well as advanced international experience, in particular, the replacement of outdated test methods using chemical reagents by modern chromatographic research methods that are widely used in the world practice.

The alcohol with the best organoleptic qualities is defined as a result of the tasting:

1st place - Vyshnyaky and Zaluchchya Business Sites

2nd placeStoronybabsky, Strutyn, Novi Borovychi, Vuzlove Business Sites

3rd place – Chervona Sloboda, Lutsk, Marylivka and Karavany Business Sites

The “Lux” grade of rectified ethylene according to DSTU 4221

We congratulate the winners and thank you for the quality!




Дата: 15.03.2018
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