Technical alcohol

Technical ethanol (denatured) is irreplaceable for the production of alcohol-containing products, which is used in almost all directions, except for the food industry. This high-quality natural product with excellent physical properties is an ingredient for household products. It is highly appreciated by manufacturers of perfume and cosmetic products. And the industrial alcohol is the most demanded in the manufacture of products for technical use: washes, solvents, firelighters, engine fluids, etc.

Industrial alcohol is a raw material for bioethanol and bioethanol-based components (AMFC), organic chemicals.

The product meets the highest quality criteria and is made from natural components.

TU U 15.9-00274105-019: 2011

Fusel oil is a valuable ingredient in a variety of industries. It is most often used as a solvent, including in the production of paints and varnishes. It is applied in the production of the ethyl carbinol, isobutyl alcohol, isoamyl industrial alcohol, bioethanol and the alternative motor fuel component (AMFC).

The laboratories produce high-purity reagent from fusel oil. For example, in the dairy industry it serves as a solvent in determining the fat content of the milk and dairy products. In medicine, the fusel oil components are used to treat respiratory tract and nervous system. And perfumers and confectioners get aromatic extracts from it.

SOU 24.1-00032744-001:2004

Ester-fusel concentrate (EFC) is a by-product in which the aldehydes, higher alcohols, esters and other volatile organic substances formed during the fermentation of plant material are concentrated. It is the basis for valuable organic products: acetic aldehyde, acetic acid ester, ethyl acetate solvent. In addition, the EFC performs the function of carbon nutrition in the production of fodder yeast.

Ethanol heads are multicomponent raw material. It contains alcohols (methanol, ethanol, n-propyl alcohol, isobutyl alcohol, isoamyl alcohol and others), aldehydes (acetic, crotonic and others), esters (ethyl, acetic-methyl, acetic-ethyl, acetic-isoamyl and others), as well as other volatile organic substances.

This is irreplaceable raw material for the production of a variety of alcohol-based products - bioethanol and its components (AMFC), household and technical products (washers, firelighters, flexographic printing  solvents, perfumery and cosmetic products, etc.).

DSTU 7402:2013, TU U 15.9-30219014-004:2009, TU U 18.401-97, other valid regulatory documents

Raw ethanol is a high-quality raw material and the basis of rectified ethyl alcohol as well as other alcohol-containing products.

Raw ethanol is used as a component for manufacturing products in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, perfumery and other industries. One of the most universal functions of raw alcohol is its use in the production of bioethanol and bioethanol-based components (AMFC).

Mass fraction of ethanol in raw ethanol makes up 75 % to 92 %.

DSTU 5042:2008, TU U 15.9-30219014-007:2005

The use of the best ingredients and efficient production technology ensures high quality of the window washers. The best specialists created an agent which is aggressive to the dirt and extremely soft in relation to the car. It effectively cleans the automobile glass and creates a protective film thereon, makes the surface antiglare and antistatic.

The requirements for product quality are high. It contains no methanol harmful to the body. Thanks to the high-quality components, the washer performs its function qualitatively, remaining almost invisible to the consumer: it does not produce any sharp flavor and harmful vapor.

TU U 24.5-33894650-003:2010

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