«Ukrainian Spirit »

 "Ukrainian Spirit" is an elite vodka of the highest quality. Crystal clear water, special recipe and modern design. "Ukrainian Spirit" -the best gift for admires of distinctive taste and creative design combined with national motifs.


Vodka Vivat establishes Kontinenty line, different beverages of which are distinguished by high quality of production and daring recipes; it displays moods, characters, and traditions of the whole world. The base of every beverage constitutes the best grain alcohol of Luxe brand, artesian water, and natural ingredients.

Vivat is a combination of classic and special vodka: Evropa, based on the best traditions of strong spirits production; Asia – with a delicate nutmeg aroma and 38 percent alcohol by volume; Antarktida – an original special vodka with a taste of fresh mint and black tea; 42 percent Afrika; Avstraliya – with a subtle touch of cherry and vanilla; Amerika – with a delicate aroma of pine needles, that fills beverage with freshness.


Polesskaya – vodka for those who appreciate traditions of their native land. Due to excellent quality the drink is very popular. Balanced mix of grain alcohol, spring water, cumin, and citrus makes the taste of vodka inimitable, smooth, and fresh.

Polesskaya is to be served chilled for filling snacks. All refinements of taste of a traditional classical vodka unfold in a big friendly company. A drink can be selected depending on taste preferences; apart from the classic vodka, one may also choose Polesskaya. Na Kalgane, Polesskaya. Zhitnaya, Polesskaya. Na beryozovych pochkah.