Rectified ethanol

Alcohol ‘Pshenychna slioza’ (Wheat Tear) is the quality standard. It meets and exceeds the requirements of the international standards. It is a perfect basis for the best liquors: the noble spirit reveals the elite alcohol subtlest flavour.

Ethanol – 96,3%
Aldehydes – 2,0 mg/dm3
Fusel oil – 2,0 mg/dm3
Esters – 1,5 mg/dm3
Methanol – 0,005 mg/dm3

Alcohol ‘Lux’ (Luxe) is the perfect basis for elite and premium spirits. It gives the opportunity to discover the drink bouquet, playing its unique part. Alcohol is in line with international requirements. It is produced from selected grains.

Ethanol – 96.3%
Aldehydes – 2.0 mg/dm3
Fusel oil – 2.0 mg/dm3
Esters – 2.0 mg/dm3
Methanol – 0.01 mg/dm3

Alcohol ‘Ekstra’ (Extra) – for the classic spirit line. Grain alcohol with excellent organoleptic characteristics. When tasted, it leaves a pleasant, sweet finish. The aroma is almost imperceptible.

Ethanol – 96.3%
Aldehydes – 2.0 mg/dm3
Fusel oil – 3.0 mg/dm3
Esters – 3.0 mg/dm3
Methanol – 0.02 mg/dm3

Alcohol ‘Vyshchoi ochystky’ (The Purest) is made of the highest quality natural ingredients. It is indispensable in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cosmetics, and other areas.

Ethanol – 96 %
Aldehydes – 4.0 mg/dm3
Fusel oil – 4.0 mg/dm3
Esters – 5.0 mg/dm3
Methanol – 0.03 mg/dm3