Chervona Sloboda business site

Investment project for modernization and reorientation of the

Chervona Sloboda business and alcohol storage site of SOE “UKRSPYRT”

Name of business site

Chervona Sloboda business site

Place of location

08042, Kyiv region, Makarivsky district, Chervona Sloboda village, Zavodska Str., 3

1. Core products

- Rectified ethanol


- lux, potable alcohol


2. Additional products

Native distiller’s grain




Сивушне масло


Ester-fusel concentrate




3. Used energy resources  

thermal energy


electrical power

electrical power


thermal energy (reserve)

The list and record of necessary equipment  

Product name




Automatic raw material sampling unit

Improvement of the incoming raw material monitoring and quality control system in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

Raw material preparation and thermal fermentative treatment  unit

Application of the technique of starch fermentative hydrolysis in wort at a temperature of 90-95°C. Increase in the size of the fermentative treatment apparatus, replacement of outdated pipelines, shut-off valves and pumping equipment. Increase in productivity of workshop by 30-50%.

Wort fermentation unit

Generation of alcohol fermentable wort with alcohol contents of 14.0-14.5%. Increase in volumes of fermenters, replacement of outdated pipelines, shut-off valves and pumping equipment. Installation of modern alcohol-separating devices. Increase in the workshop productivity by 30-50%. 

Brew-purification unit

Assembly of energy-efficient single-column brew-purification plants, productivity: 48 tons / day.

Alcohol dehydration  unit

Application of technique of molecular zeolite-filled sieves–absorbers. The plant is provided with raw alcohol from Chervona Sloboda business site

Cooling tower

Cooling of used cooling water from the technological cycle with air from the environment. Provides a 80% reduction in the use of water from surrounding reservoirs.

Electronic finished product recording

Improvement of the raw alcohol and finished product circulation monitoring system in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

Building and assembly costs

Assembly of new production sites and bearing structures for brew  purification and dehydratation equipment

Finished product quality control unit

Fitting of the production laboratory of business site with devices for analysis of bioethanol and bioethanol-based products

Solid fuel boiler

Installation of a new boiler operating on wood raw material pellets. The boiler effectiveness will be 10 tons of steam per hour


Distiller’s grain decantation unit

The separator-decanter is intended for the separation of distiller’s grain in two streams: cake (a condensed mixture of destarched grain with solids content of 38-35%) and decantate (a liquid phase of finely dispersed water-dissolved solids, СР – 3.0-3.5 %)

Decanter vacuum vaporization unit

Evaporating unit with cascade pressure reduction in evaporators. Provides recuperative heating of each subsequent stage of vaporization due to the heat of the previous one. Increases the solids content up to 30-32%.  

Dryer in pseudoliquid layer

 Equipment for drying of the mixture of resulted cake of distiller’s grain decanter concentrate to a moisture content of about 11%. The unit’s effectiveness is 48 tons per day.

Packing unit

Equipment for packing of received feed additive DDG in 50 - 40 kg polyethylene bags

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